Do, Doing, Done

I have been successfully using the Kanban method (an interactive visual to-do list) over the past few years to manage my workload.  The Kanban board works well when you have a lot of work on your plate,  several concurrent projects with lots of tasks. The video above is a fun “how to” video for anyone who would like to give this method of productivity management a try.

All you need is a wall, a sharpie and some post-it notes…not to mention a few things you need to get done.

It was made by my local county’s process improvement department, Maricopa County Innovation Studio.  They have accomplished a great deal over the past 2 years through continuous improvement projects. (Take a look if you are interested in how this Arizona County government is making life better for citizens.)

I have experimented with online productivity tools like trello, with limited success. The visual nature of the post-it note Kanban, that it diverts my eyes AWAY from the computer screen, it one of its strengths. Plus, I love to move the sticky notes from column to columns as I work through the day.